Project Members

Project Staff:

Professor Frances Fahy
Professor of Geography (Ireland)

Prof Frances Fahy is Professor of Geography at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Frances is an environmental geographer and she has published more than > 75 publications including three edited volumes (published by Sage, 2013, Routledge, 2014, Palgrave 2019) and numerous international peer reviewed articles in journals such as Global Environmental Change, Area, Energy Policy, and Journal of Consumer Policy. Frances has published numerous articles on the value action gap in environmental research in Ireland as well as internationally. Prof Fahy has coordinated 20 funded research projects and is leader of WP 2 in the CCC-CATAPULT project.

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Dr Inkeri Rissanen
Postdoctoral Researcher (Finland)

Dr. Inkeri Rissanen is post-doctoral researcher at Tampere University’s Faculty of Education and culture, where she also holds a position of lecturer of multicultural education and co-leads the research group “Multiculturalism, transnationalism and transformation in education”. Her main research fields include intercultural education, worldview education and school pedagogy; her research on Islamic religious education, Inclusion of Muslims, intercultural competencies of teachers and growth mindset pedagogy has been published in key international journals. She is currently PI/country PI of two Academy of Finland -funded projects, CORE (Implicit beliefs of malleability as the core of teachers’ intercultural competencies) and CCC-Catapult. 

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Professor Ilaria Gnecco
Associate Professor (Italy)

Ilaria Gnecco is Associate Professor in the field of Hydraulic and Maritime Structures and Hydrology at University of Genova. Her main research interests are in the field of urban hydrology and watershed management. She participated to several national and European research projects and as PI in: Aqua-add Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development (INTERREG IVC); T.R.I.G.Eau  Transboundary management, resilience innovation and governance for the mitigation of the hydro-geological risk (Interreg V-A Italia-Francia Marittimo 2014-2020). The research activity is supported by more than 120 scientific papers published on refereed Journals, edited Books, Manuals and Conference Proceedings.

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Professor Lindsey McEwen
Professor in Environmental Management

Lindsey McEwen (Principal Investigator) is Professor of Environmental Management and Director of the Centre for Water, Communities and Resilience, University of the West of England, Bristol. She delivers creative, interdisciplinary co-produced research in different risk settings, working with diverse stakeholders including different publics. Her research interests include: extreme weather archives, specialist/lay knowledge integration; water risk management, water science communication/education, and learning for resilience. Recent projects include NERC DRY (Drought Risk and You); ESRC Sustainable Flood Memories, ESRC CASCADE (Increasing Civil Society’s capacity to deal with changing extreme weather risk), AHRC ‘Towards Hydrocitizenship’ and AHRC VIP-CLEAR (Voices in a Pandemic: Children’s lockdown experiences applied to recovery).

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Dr Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori
Postdoctoral Researcher (Finland)

Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori, Ph.D. (environmental change and policy), is an experienced environmental and climate change education expert and a post-doctoral researcher at Tampere University, Finland. Her long-term interest is to develop climate change and environmental education that is interdisciplinary, holistic, and considerate of identity, values and worldview of the learner. In addition, Essi is a member of steering group of the interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education research network SIRENE. Essi defended her Ph.D. at the University of Helsinki in 2018. Before joining Tampere University in 2021, she worked as a senior education officer at WWF Finland.

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Dr Rosamund Portus
Research Fellow (UK)

Rosamund Portus is a research fellow at UWE Bristol working as part of the CCC-CATAPULT project. Rosamund is an environmental humanities researcher, and has a particular interest in narrative research. Her PhD, which was funded as part of the Imagining and Representing Species Extinction network, considered the social and cultural dimensions of the ongoing loss of bees. Rosamund currently volunteers for Sustrans, and was previously a project reviewer for the RSPB and a trustee for St Nicks Nature Reserve & Environment Centre. Rosamund also works as an artist. She has previously exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and as part of the COP26 Reimagining Museums for Climate Action Exhibition.

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Bronagh Dillon
PhD Researcher (Ireland)

Bronagh Dillon is a PhD researcher with the international CCC -Catapult research team investigating educational, worldview and intercultural influences in children’s climate and environmental literacy. She was awarded a scholarship through the project in 2020 to undertake a PhD in Geographies of Education in the Discipline of Geography. Prior to commencing this PhD award, she completed a MSc in Education, Training and Management (Leadership) in 2020 from DCU. The title of her dissertation was Teachers’ Perceptions of Climate Change Education in Irish Primary Schools”.

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Professor Anna Palla
Associate Professor (Italy)

Anna is Associate Professor in the field of Hydraulic and Maritime Structures and Hydrology at University of Genova. Her main research interests include experimental studies and modelling related to urban stormwater runoff, Sustainable Drainage Systems, rainwater harvesting, furthermore she deals with hydrological modelling and extreme rainfall events. Several experimental and modelling researches is dedicated to investigate green roofs and green infrastructures. She has participated to several national and European research projects in the field of sustainable water management. The research activity is supported by more than 100 scientific papers published on refereed Journals, edited Books, Manuals and Conference Proceedings.

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Dr Deepak Gopinath
Senior Lecturer in Planning and Urban Geography (UK)

Deepak Gopinath is a conceptual thinker, of wellbeing that works both for the individual and the collective; a reflective educator involved in the skilling of the next generation of professionals who will be managing environmental change in towns and villages. He is a member of Editorial Boards, of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology, and the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society. Deepak has designed inter-disciplinary conceptual frameworks e.g. typology of destitution (Gopinath 2014), pathways of mobility for international students (Gopinath 2015), poverty and resilience (Gopinath and Nair 2015); frameworks for youth-led master plans (Gopinath 2020).

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Dr Sara-Jayne Williams
Senior Lecturer and Researcher (UK)

Sara is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the University of the West of England, UWE, and with her background in (child) psychology and community development she pursues two main lines of inquiry within the field of environmental psychology: Young people’s understanding of, and engagement with the challenges posed by climate change and their ability to act as catalysts to environmental action and behaviour change within their families and communities. Sara leads a BSc Environmental Management degree and is also co-investigator on two research council funded projects; VIP-CLEAR (Voices in a Pandemic: Children's Lockdown Experiences Applied to Recovery) and CCC-Catapult.

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Dr Kathy Reilly
Lecturer (Ireland)

My central research interests straddle a number of arenas within critical geographic inquiry; these include: geographies of children, young people and families; geographies of social justice; and participative field-based research methodologies. I acknowledge the need to work with research communities within and beyond the academic, connecting with community collaborators, activists and practitioners across various interdisciplinary fields. I am cognisant to the importance of listening to the communities within which I work and in allowing the development of a reciprocal dialogue, whereby research agendas and methodological design are informed by and through conversations with collaborative partners.

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Dr Laura de Vito
Research Fellow (UK)

Laura has extensive experience working in EU environmental politics, policy and practice at local, national, EU level. Since 2017 she has been employed in the Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC) at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, as a Research Fellow. In this role she is contributing to the NERC-MRC CADTIME project, researching mitigation for air pollution in Delhi and she will be also working on other projects focussing on local climate governance and just transitions. Before being employed by the AQMRC, she worked on a project on the contribution of green infrastructure to urban resilience at the International Water Security Network at UWE.

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Dr Sabrina Sposito
Research Fellow

Sabrina Sposito is a research fellow at University of Genoa, working as part of the CCCC-CATAPULT project. She is Territorial Planner and PhD in Urban Design and Planning. Her research interests include studies on circular processes design, hydro-based transformative scenarios, climate resilience, and adaptation strategies in cities, towns, and regions. She was previously researcher at the Institute of Urban Design and Planning of the Leibniz University Hannover as part of the Creative Food Cycles project (2018-20) and, prior to that, a DAAD Research Grant holder for Postdoc Scientists (2017-18); moreover, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at IAS-STS in Graz (2016-17).

Anette Mansikka-aho
PhD Researcher

Anette is writing her dissertation as part of the CCC-CATAPULT project, in the field of education. She worked as a class teacher before she started working as a researcher, where she did lots of climate education projects with her pupils. Anette wants to find out how worldviews and emotions around the phenomena of climate change impact on communication between different generations.

Sophie Laggan
Research Fellow

Sophie is a researcher and practitioner in the areas of community organising, community development, participatory methods, climate communications, and deliberative democracy for sustainable development. She works on and co-develops projects that seek to involve citizens in decision making around air quality and climate change; and her role includes, but is not limited to, training stakeholders in science communication and active citizenship, facilitating spaces for social action and policy co-creation, and evaluating the experiences and behaviour change of stakeholders involved in citizen science projects, particularly concerning sense of agency and power.

Dr Andrew Holmes
Research Fellow

Andrew Holmes is a narrative researcher who has worked at the University of the West of England, in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management (GEM), for over nine years. His expertise is in qualitative, narrative research methods, for example, deep mapping, digital storytelling and oral history methods. He specialises in engaging people within different communities, and exploring their extreme weather histories, as a way to build resilience.

Since 2006, Andrew has been involved in a variety of national and international research projects developing methods of bringing science and lay knowledge into the same space, with the goal of addressing the effects of extreme weather. In these settings, Andrew has pioneered narrative approaches - using storytelling, for example - as a participatory method for increasing public engagement with climate change issues.

Student Interns:

Caroline Wilson
MSc Student Intern (Bristol)

Caroline Wilson is a student at UWE Bristol studying Msc Sustainable Development in Practice. Caroline is undertaking Work Based Learning with the CCC-CATAPULT team and will be producing an article on co-production and its use in the project. Caroline is interested in Environmental Psychology and is looking to explore the relationship between Wild Swimming and nature connection in her dissertation. When she is not studying, Caroline supports her local nature reserve, attending the Northern Slopes Greengym group and The Northern Slopes Initiative who work to improve the area for wildlife and people. Caroline worked with CCC-CATAPULT from May-June 2021. 

Luka Malesevic
Economics, Sociology and Politics Student (Ireland)

As a final year BA student of Economics, Sociology and Politics I have developed a keen interest in the social issues facing the current and future generations of the world. My experience as an Erasmus student consolidated my desire to become part of a society that cooperates regarding existential threats such as global warming. In my role as a research assistant, involved in the coproduction of the survey tool, I hope to make a substantive contribution to the way in which young people’s voices are heard.

Leah Nudds
MSc Student Intern (Bristol)

Leah Nudds is currently a student at UWE Bristol studying MSc Sustainable Development in Practice. Leah has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Resource Management and interests in climate change policy, green infrastructure and environmental psychology. She was commended for an excellent research dissertation that focused on the relationship between well-being, pro-environmental behaviour and nature. Leah will be undertaking Work-Based Learning with the CCC-Catapult team and focusing on creating social media content to engage youth and producing research around science communication and climate change. She hopes to make a meaningful contribution in getting young voices heard.  

Anna Dyet
MSc Student Intern (Bristol)

Anna Dyet is currently studying MSc Sustainable Development in Practice at UWE Bristol and has an undergraduate BSc Sociology degree from the University of Bristol. As a practical component of the Master's Qualification, Anna will be completing a project with CCC-CATAPULT that will involve both assisting in the creation of the project's literature review and helping with the organisational aspects of meeting with the Youth engaged in the programme. With an interest of environmental issues that spans from her personal to professional life, she is excited by the opportunity to positively influence how young people respond to the current climate crises. When she isn't studying, Anna works for both the Earthcare team at Lush and Imprint Online Sustainability Magazine, where she has written on topics such as sustainable Christmas' and environmentally friendly skincare routines. When not glued to her laptop, she also loves pottery and paddle boarding with her dog.

Sadie Barnes

I’m currently a BSc (Hons) Environmental Management student at UWE. Growing up in Devon and having travelled throughout my early 20s, created a need to learn as much as I could to help build connections between communities and nature. I was motivated by my passion for the environment and community empowerment to create change. Wanting to find ways to help everyone feel heard and able to contribute to climate protection.  

Mariana Fidalgo

I’m currently studying Bsc (Hons) Environmental Management at UWE. I'm interested in facilitating climate change conversations with young people and ensuring that they have a safe space to discuss such issues while also being actively heard. Working with children in various environmental and social projects has strengthened my desire to help combat negative feelings about not only climate change but our future in general. I'm hoping that my time with CCC Catapult will provide me with stimulating experiences with like-minded people who are also motivated to address the climate crisis and how it is communicated to young people.