Tampere (Finland)

About Tampere:

Tampere is the 3rd largest city in Finland, and Tampere City Region is the 2nd largest and fastest growing city region in the country. It is located between two lakes, Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi in the middle of Southern Finland. It has a historical industrial background, having been the first industrial city in the country in the early 19th century. Now-a-days, Tampere region still has some heavy industry, but the city is also a centre of culture, innovation, and learning. There are two universities: Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Tampere also has active theatre, music and other cultural life. It is a popular place for large congresses. Tampere has a sustainability program in which the goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Project Members:

Dr Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori

Dr Inkeri Rissanen