Genova (Italy)

About Genova:

Genova is the capital and the largest city in the Liguria Region. It is characterised by a narrow coastal zone with hills and steep mountains in the backcountry. A major industrial and economic centre, it hosts a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most important Mediterranean ports and has a history of water availability and quality issues, as well as flash flooding. Today, Genoa is one of the urban areas where climate change is projected to significantly increase the risk of flooding, with a rise in sea level, storm surges and landslides. In 2019, Genoa’s city administration approved a Resilience Strategy to help strengthen the city’s capacity to adapt and grow in the face of stresses and shocks. Furthermore, a multi-stakeholder working group ‘Liguria 2030’ was set up in the city to promote and disseminate the UN Agenda 2030 across the region, in close connection with the objectives and actions of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS).

Project Members:

Professor Ilaria Gnecco

Professor Anna Palla

Dr Sabrina Sposito

YAP Information:

The Youth Action Partnership (YAP) refers to a group of young people who will work collaboratively and co-productively with project members to agree on project decisions, to design and produce stimulating research, to engage with creative activities, and to promote the aims, ongoing work, and outputs of the research project. YAPs will have opportunities to collaborate with young participants across project locations in Finland, Ireland, and the UK as well as to work with international and local decision-makers to impact change.

The Genoa YAP group will meet regularly (ideally monthly, but with freedom of the young participants to plan for extra activities and more frequent meetings) online or face to face and are co-facilitated by researchers and young people or professionally. YAPs will participate in research skills training and keep reflective journals that will explore their experiences of working on the project and climate change more broadly. Through an online communication platform, the YAPs form part of an international network, meet and interact with each other as part of the research process and as part of the communication and reporting process. This is a three-year longitudinal, co-productive/ youth-owned part of the project, with a minimum commitment of six months.

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